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St. Croix Soccer Academy

Academy Team Meeting

Academy Team Meeting - All players will be sized for new uniforms and this is the specific times a team meeting and sizing.

Sizing is at Lucy Winton Bell Fields

Monday, August 3rd
U9B- 5:30pm
U10B- 5:45pm
U11B- 5:45pm
U12B- 6:00pm
U13B- 6:00pm
U16 B- 6:15pm
U17 B- 6:15pm
U18B- 6:45pm
U16 G- 6:30pm
U17 G- 6:30pm
U18G- 6:45pm

Thursday, August 6th
U9G- 5:30pm
U10G- 5:45pm
U11G- 5:45pm
U12G- 6:00pm
U13G- 6:00pm
U14 G- 6:15pm
U15 G- 6:15pm
U14 B- 6:30pm
U15 B- 6:30pm

Academy Coaches / Levels of Play:


U9 Boys - Mike Huber/Matt Cross - MYSA Maroon Level

U10 Boys - Greg Van Ness/Jake Smothers - USCS League

U11 Boys - Kor Cha/Jake Smothers - USCS League

U12 Boys - Tim Thao/Dave Golan - SKC Affiliate MRL / USCS League

U13 Boys - Matt Carlson/Dave Golan - SKC Affiliate MRL / MYSA C1

U14 Boys - Thom Peer/Casey Holm - SKC Affiliate MRL & MRL / MYSA Premier

U15 Boys - Vilme Dickerson/Casey Holm - MRL / MYSA Premier

U16 Boys - Brian Horst/Mike Huber - MRL / MYSA Premier

U17 Boys - Tony Englund/Mike Huber - USYS National League / MYSA Premier

U18 Boys - Matt Weingartz - MYSA Premier League

U19 Boys - Kor Cha/Tim Magnuson - MYSA Premier League


U9 Girls - Allie Reinke - MYSA Maroon Level

U11 Girls - Shawn Nelson/Dusty Dennis - USCS League

U11 Girls - Suzanne Griffiths/Dusty Dennis - MYSA 8v8

U12 Girls - Greg Northrup/Nathan Klonecki - SKC Affiliate MRL / USCS

U12 Girls - Suzanne Griffiths - MYSA 11v11

U13 Girls - Simbo Ndiaye/Nathan Klonecki - SKC Affiliate MRL / MYSA C1

U14 Girls - Joaquin Izquierdo - SKC Affiliate MRL & MRL / MYSA C1

U15 Girls - Vilme Dickerson - MYSA C1

U16 Girls - Tim Magnuson/Kor Cha - MYSA Premier League

U17 Girls - Joaquin Izquierdo - MYSA Premier League

U18 Girls - Tim Magnuson/Kor Cha - MYSA Premier League


U15 Academy Boys - Premier League Champions

U10 Academy Boys - Runner up at Academy Open (U11 C2)

U10 Academy boys finished second at the Academy Open!

U12 Academy Boys - All American Cup Champions

U12 Academy boys won the U12 top bracket at the All-American Cup

U10 Academy Girls - Champions U11 Coon Rapids Tournament

Shootout win over Crow River

U14 Academy Girls - Champions All American Tournament

Shootout win over MTA

U10 Academy Girls - St. Croix Cup U11 Champions

2-1 win over North Metro

U14 Academy Girls - Runner Up MapleBrook Tournament

U14 Academy Girls Runner Up (U15 Age Group)

U11 Academy Boys - Lakeville Elite Tournament

U11 Academy Boys - Runner Ups

U11 Academy Girls Champions - Hudson River Cup

Congratulations to the U11 Academy girls on winning the Hudson Rive Cup.

U11 Academy Boys - Eagan Tournament Champions!

Congrats the U11 Academy boys for winning the Eagan Tournament with a 4-2 win over MU.

U18 Academy Boys - Nike Classic Cup Champions!

U18 Boys went undefeated to win the Top Level over Green Bay Alliance 3-1.

U17 Academy Boys - Nike Classic Cup Champions

Congratulations!  U17 boys went undefeated to win U17 Top Level.

U16 Academy Boys - Nike Classic Cup Champions

U16 Boys went undefeated to win the top level bracket! Outscored their opponents 22-1.

U15 Academy Boys - Nike Classic Cup Runner Up

U15 Academy boys went 2-0-1 in Top Level to get to the final.

U14 Academy Boys - Nike Classic Cup Runner Up

Runner ups in the Top Level went 3-1, lost to the MRL Premier Champions in the final.

U12 Academy Boys - Nike Classic Cup

U12 Academy Boys played up to the U13 Premier Level (11v11) and went 2-1 and finish third in the bracket.

U11 Academy Boys - Lakes Border Clash Champions

U11 Academy boys won the Lakes Border Clash Champions in Wisconsin Dells.

U16 Academy Boys - Emerald Cup Champions

U16 Boys

Congratulations to the U16 Academy Boys to winning the Emerald Cup (KC)

Congrats - U14 Boys Champions of the President's Day Futsal Event

Congratulations Academy Soccer Players!

Congratulations to Connor Stevenson (Mr. Soccer), Brandon Henderson, Tyler King, Tyler Pieper, Samuel Ruiz Plaza for being on the All-Pioneer Press High School Team

Academy Teams and Coaches - 2015 Season


U9 Academy Maroon Boys - Mike Huber

U10 Academy (U11 C2) Boys - Michael Murphy

U11 Academy C1 Boys - Dusty Dennis

U12 Academy (U13 C1/C2) Boys - Matt Carlson / Casey Holm

U13 Academy U13 C1 Boys - Casey Holm / Thom Peer

U14 Academy Premier Boys - Nathan Klonecki / Vilme Dickerson

U15 Academy Premier Boys - Jake Smothers / Nathan Klonecki

U16 Academy Premier Boys - Mike Huber / Tony Englund

U17 Academy Premier Boys - Brian Horst / Thom Peer

U18 Academy Premier Boys - Dave Golan / Chris Early

U19 Academy Premier Boys - Thom Peer / Brian Horst


U10 Academy U11 C2/C3 Girls - Shawn Nelson

U11 Academy C1 Girls - Greg Northrup

U12 Academy U13 C2 Girls - Shawn Nelson

U13 Academy C1 Girls - Simbo Ndiaye / Joaquin Izquierdo

U14 Academy C1 Girls - Vilme Dickerson

U15 Academy C1 Girls - Tim Magnuson / Kor Cha

U16 Academy C1 Girls - Joaquin Izquierdo

U17 Academy Premier Girls - Tim Magnuson / Kor Cha

U19 Academy Premier Girls - Nathan Klonecki

Sporting SC Academy Teams - First MLS weekend in Kansas City

The U12, U13, and U14 Academy boys teams are attending the MLS/MRL weekend at Sporting KC at Swope Park Village (with their brand new 5 turf fields) on October 11th and 12th.

They will be playing against Columbus Crew Pre DA Academy teams as well as Chicago Fire teams.

Good Luck teams!

U14 Academy Girls - Nike Classic Champions

U14 Academy girls Champions at the Nike Classic - Schaumberg, IL

U13 Academy Girls - Nike Classic Runner Ups

Sporting SC Academy is participating in the MLS/MRL League

Sporting SC Academy is excited to be part of the MLS/MRL  League this season! 
The “Pro Youth Clubs Affiliates Division” has been established by three MLS operated Youth Clubs (Chicago Fire, Columbus Crew and Sporting Kansas City) in order to create a player development platform for their youth teams and their Club Affiliates. The competition is being developed in partnership with the Midwest Regional League.
The Pro Youth Clubs Affiliates Division is club centric for the MLS Youth Clubs and their MLS Youth Club Affiliates. The Division will feature age group competition in the Girls and Boys Under-12 through Under-18 age groups. Participation in the Pro Youth Clubs Affiliates Division is limited to direct MLS Youth Club teams and MLS Youth Club Affiliate teams.

The U12-U14 boys will be participating this fall and the U12-U18 Academy boys and U13-U18 girls teams will be participating this spring season!


St. Croix Soccer Club and collegeGOAL announce a partnership to provide a series of college soccer and recruiting workshops available to all St. Croix players and parents from age groups U14-U18.

The first of four information sessions will be held in November and will cover college soccer expectations, recruiting timelines and communication strategies. There will also be an opportunity for questions and answers with Jeremy Driver, the founder of collegeGOAL and current head women's soccer coach at St. Olaf College.

U14 Academy Boys - State Champions

U18 Academy Boys - USA Cup U19 A Flight Champions

USA Cup A Flight Winners!

Went 6-0 over the weekend and beat Valley United U19 1-0 in the final.

U12 Academy Girls

League winners (U13 C2) went undefeated 12-0-0.

U14 Academy Girls / State Bound

U14 C1 League Champions

U15 Academy Girls - League Champions / State Bound

U15 C1 League Champions

U16 Academy Girls - Won MYSA Premier League

U13 Academy Boys - League Champions / State Bound

U13 C1 League Champions - Premier Status

U14 Academy Boys - League Champions / State Bound

U14 C1 League Champions

SC Academy Player and Parent Expectations for 2014 Season

St. Croix Soccer Club and St. Croix Academy

Minnesota’s Elite Soccer Experience

·        2012: Three Minnesota State Cup Champions (no club had more).

·        2012: Two USCS Regional Champions (the only MN club to earn regional titles).

·        2012: Two Midwest Regional League Champions (most of any MN club).

·        2012: U14-19 boys premier teams; U16, U18, U19 girls premier teams.

·        2012: Both U13 boys and girls earn premier status for 2013.

·        Comprehensive player development at every level.

·        St. Croix Academy, the elite player development and college placement arm of St. Croix Soccer Club, saw dozens of its players earn NCAA Division I and II scholarships again in 2012.

·        St. Croix Academy now fields U9-U19 teams for both genders.

·        The most decorated and educated coaching staff in Minnesota.

·        Minnesota’s best indoor and outdoor facilities.

Join us: Click on the Tryout tab at left for evaluation dates and times.

Sanneh Foundation Leadership Award - Kallianne Mogler

Kallianne Mogler, U18 Academy girls team, was awarded the Sanneh Foundation Leadership Award at the Gala on Saturday, March 8th.  She has been great in her commitment to the community and her mission trips.  Congratulations!