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January 15th, 2018 7:00pm at Pizza Ranch Stillwater


In effort to improve our local referee pool we would like to invite all interested players and parents to an information meeting and pizza party.

Club Referee Assignor Matt Tiano will have a short presentation and be available to answer questions regarding the process of certification and signing up to be a referee for Sporting St. Croix.

Board President, Eric Hoffman, will be there as well to talk about his experiences refereeing from middle school through college to help parents and players alike understand the opportunities and challenges.

Important information regarding the new “bonus plan” will also be presented.  Refereeing is a great way to make extra summer cash and improve your knowledge of the game!

Sporting St. Croix Soccer Club partners with MAT Assigning to handle all referee assignments for the club. You MUST be a certified referee to work club games.


How do I become a new referee?


The Minnesota State Referee Committee certifies new referee annually. The process is managed at


1) Pay the $60 registration fee online at

2) Complete 7 ½ hours of online course work (22 online courses) 

3) Select a classroom session to attend, 8 hours 

4) Complete the MYSA background check (if working MYSA games and > 18 years of age)



Do I need to recertify every year?


Yes. You must re-certify every year; however, you may complete re-certification online, in its entirety. Steps are as follows.


Training Requirements for Returning Grade 8 Referees (17 years or younger)

1) Pay the $60 registration fee online 

2) Pass the Grade 8 Online test (50 questions) – passing score is 80%

3) Complete 2 required credit hours of online training 

4) Complete 3 additional hours of CE training; this can be online or classroom hours 

5) Complete the MYSA background check (if working MYSA games and > 18 years of age)


Training Requirements for Returning Grade 8 Referees (18 years and up)

1) Pay the $65 registration fee online 

2) Complete 2 hours of required online topics 

3) Complete online Grade 7 course, additional 4 hours of training 

4) Pass the Grade 7 Online Test (50 questions) – passing score is 80%

5) Complete the MYSA background check (if working MYSA games and > 18 years of age)


Important Links


MYSA Background Checks -


GameOfficials.Net NEW user registration instructions –



GameOfficials.Net EXISTING user registration instructions –


Additional Resources –




April 9, 9-5:30pm @ Family Means in Stillwater


Prospective referees MUST complete all requirements at prior to being able to sign up for the clinic.


If any questions, contact Matt at

Game Reschedule Process

Remember the deadline for reschedules is --- 

Reschedule Process:                                                                                                   

1.  Confirm 2-3 potential dates and times with your opponent.

2.  Send the original game information in the following format with the potential reschedule dates to Donna:

Game Number





Home Team

Away Team

Game Location










3.  We will find a date and time that coincides with your request and will send the confirmed date back to you.

4.  You submit the rescheduled date, time and field through the MYSA Reschedule process provided by MYSA.

5.  Automated response comes from MYSA to approve by both parties.  Must be approved by all parties to be added to the field and referee schedule.

Required - Concussion Training

All Referees need to take the Concussion training. The training can be found here:

When you have completed your online training update GameOfficials that is is done.

I will not assign any games to you until that is completed.