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Blend development with performance.


As coaches, we are obligated to develop a scheme that gives our team the best chance to win on match day.  Coaches’ preferences, trends, etc. are all secondary to knowledge of our team’s, and our opponent’s, abilities, the weather, match situation, etc. and the knowledge that we must give our team a chance to win and guide them to victory


We understand that every team is an evolving entity and that we must constantly assess our progress and direction.  Similarly, we must be open as coaches to new ideas and methods


Acknowledging that particularly in the post-Covid environment, we must be able to anticipate and deal with challenges in an efficient, pro-active manner.  Also strong enough to understand that we strengthen our teams through blended leadership, and having the presence of mind to work together to bring out our collective best


The potential of our players and teams must be central to our efforts every day, acknowledging that we will only achieve collective success through months and years of focused, grinding work


The opening whistle always unleashes the fury of our collective efforts.  Our teams are inner-focused, and we out-think, out-work and out-perform our opponents in every match


St. Croix ECNL Performance teams and coaches compete within the rules and the spirit of the rules.  Our opponents and the officials are not our enemies.  They make us better by testing us, and we want to be known for our intensity, and also for crushing opponents with our game and nothing else (OP MENTALITY).  Our coaches are our leaders in this respect and must be beyond reproach in all aspects of their work

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